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Partition Wall System


product type: integrated type

place of origin: China

payment: by T/T

Packing: wooden pallet

lead time: one month

brand: BEST

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BEST fire safety system combines BEST board and light steel keel to ensure the advantages like environment friendly, light weight, durable, moisture resistant, fire-proof ,easy working and fashion appearance.

Installation processes

1.installation process: 

drawing lines--setting up door frame----installing top keel and floor keel---separating vertical keels according to sections---installing vertical keels----installing horizontal keels---installing SANLE board(first layer)--installing SANLE board(second layer)----dealing with joint----installing surface.

2.Draw lines according construction plan and install doors frames.

3.Installing the top keels and floor keels: Install top keels and floor keels according to the lines. Fix the keels on base walls with nails, and the distance between nails is 600mm.

4.Separating vertical keel according to sections: After installing of the top and floor keels, considering the doors and other hole positions, the specification of boards(900mm or 1200mm width) should be grouped as 450mm.

5.Installing keels: installing vertical keels according to different groups. Two ends of vertical keels should be separately installed into top and floor keel. Fix them after adjusting and leveling. Keels near walls or poles should be fastened by screws or nails, and the screw/nail distance is 1000mm.

6.Installing the horizontal keels: When walls are higher than 3m, it is required to install horizontal keels which should be fastened by nails or screws.

7.Installing the SANLE board: Check if the installation of keels and door frames are correct and suitable for Sanle board installation. Install the Sanle boards from door frame if there is any, or from the walls if there is no door frames. Sanle boards should be fastened by self-tapping screws. Distance between screws is 200mm (near walls) and 300mm (away from walls). Distance between screws and boards is no less than 10mm or no more than 16mm. When fixing screws, boards must be close to keels. Then install the electric pipes, water pipes and electric cabinet in walls, same as fire-proof, sound-proof, water-proof materials. Then it comes to the installation from the other side, with same installation method. But the gap must be staggered from the first side. The installation of second layer boards is the same, but the gap should be staggered as well.

8.Dealing with joints: There are 3 methods to deal with the SANLE board joints, bed joint, deep seam and taped seam. The processes are as follows.
Puttying: Cleaning away the dust between gaps and place putty into it, making it smooth on surface.
Pasting binding tapes: Pasting the binding materials after the puttying is finished. First scrape off a thin layer of putty, about 1mm thick and same width as the tapes. Then put the bonding tapes on it and fasten it by driving out the air inside.
Scraping the middle-layer putty: As soon as pasting the binding tapes, scrape a middle-layer putty about 80mm wider than binding tapes, thickness about 1mm, making the tapes sunk into the putty.
Flattening: Use a big scraper to fill the wedge groove and board with putty and smooth the surface.

9.Wall decoration and wall of SANLE board: Various finish of surface can be done according to requirements.;.

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